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Pun Test IV

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

I’m driving on the German autobahn.  I feel great; the sky is the limit.  But the speed isn’t the only thing making my day…


While driving, I like to eat little chocolate balls filled with cream.


1.  The natives have a unique accent in Southeastern Germany.  At the end of a meal, they say something that sounds French, and I feel oddly hungry for the road afterwards.

2.  I passed a drum circle on my way; as I looked between the hippies’ knees, I saw a new type of drum.

3.  In order to facilitate communication with passengers and other drivers at high speeds, I’ve developed a kind of ‘street-talk’ (mostly swerving and honking).  I’m thinking of having it recognized as an official language and taught in schools.

4.  The day nearly over, I took a detour to a drive-in theater and watched a wonderful romantic drama about two drivers who never seem to love each other at the same time.

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Pun Test III

Friday, October 2nd, 2009
A Red Flag on this (word) play...

Red flag on the (word) play!

In the Alps, things have different names.

Think of a word that matches the definition…

A fast-retracting knife, found in Switzerland, and illegal in the US
Answer: Swissblade

1. If I go to Switzerland, all my problems will be solved.

2. A Swiss person makes a perfect shot in basketball.

3. A guy who swing both ways, but only in Switzerland.

4. An instrument used to stir Swiss cocktails

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Pun Test II

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Simon and Renee are a couple on a road trip to the Napa vineyards.



Renee: Are we there yet?

Simon: Quit your Wining!


1. Simon: I say, the roads here are not very straight.  How would you describe them, darling?

2. Renee: Let’s find a secluded vineyard, get naked and make love…  What do you think?

3. Simon: Remember that great position we tried last Friday?  It was called “Drunk Hippo” or something…

4. Renee: We forgot the whip! We’ll have to create something string-like out of materials nearby…

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Pun Test I

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Imagine two men in a church sanctuary, moving a table in choir/stage area.  How would you describe the following?



A fight between the two.

Answer: Altarcation

While moving the table, one of them missteps.

Answer: Faltar



1. On the table, there’s a book of Psalms.

2. The two men are now producing power for a car.

3. They’re going clubbing in SoMa later. What are they wearing?

4. They maneuver the table through a small doorway.  What do you call this passage?

5. A feisty old woman interviews them as they work. Who is she?

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