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League of our own

Thursday, June 11th, 2009
Found at the Pacific Standard, in Brooklyn

MG: I found this at a bar!

Fox:  I should have gone to Berkeley in the 60s!  My parents, though, wouldn’t Stand for’t.

MG:  I know… I feel like we missed out on a good opportunity with Berkeley.  But my parents would have Yaled at me if I went.

Fox:  In reality, I was too mainstream to go there.  I used to listen to Prince a ton!

MG:  But you know, maybe I should have gone to school in California rather than Ohio… Then I wouldn’t have ended up in Corn-hell.

Pun Test II

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Simon and Renee are a couple on a road trip to the Napa vineyards.



Renee: Are we there yet?

Simon: Quit your Wining!


1. Simon: I say, the roads here are not very straight.  How would you describe them, darling?

2. Renee: Let’s find a secluded vineyard, get naked and make love…  What do you think?

3. Simon: Remember that great position we tried last Friday?  It was called “Drunk Hippo” or something…

4. Renee: We forgot the whip! We’ll have to create something string-like out of materials nearby…

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